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As an Indonesian company, PT Resource Alam Indonesia Tbk (RAIN) has seen superlative growth in its coal production and sales to the world’s energy markets. Our aim is to engage in a persistent battle to lower costs and developing new sites as we grow with our stakeholders.

We ascribe to the philosophy that we are only successful if the people in our community value our presence. While the momentum and growth we have experienced the last four years has been thrilling, we continue to be even more excited about what is to come. As a public company we know that each person that stops by our website is a potential partner, and we are grateful that you chose to give us a look. After all, we can think of nothing more exciting than to grow together.

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Encouraging sustainable business growth with good governance, increasing value for current and future shareholders by taking strategic steps in order to optimize business opportunities, and also considering and preserving the environment, growing and benefiting the community around the company.

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