About CSR

The Company continuously realizes that, as a profit-oriented business entity, it needs an avenue to care for the surrounding environment. This is our Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR). By upholding the vision to continuously participate in raising the standards of living of the surrounding community and to encourage community participation in our mining activities, the Company has committed to contribute to community development in areas around the office, operational areas, and the community at large.

The Company realizes that CSR activity and concern to the community will be more valuable if the CSR activity is not only useful for the community but is also in line with the Company’s business. Therefore, the Company regularly executes programs obedient to the law and closely integrated with our business. The Company’s CSR program is inseparable with the Company’s ongoing business.

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Along with all the subsidiaries, the Company has been contributing to society through various activities, especially programs which involve our employees with the community.