Community Development

1. Early Education School Building Aid

The Company conducted the building of a number of educational facilities in operational areas. This is to assure the availability of a learning environment which facilitates the ability to concentrate on learning. The Company, through its subsidiary, PT Insani Baraperkasa has built one kindergarten/early education building since 2011. The entirety of the facility’s that has been conducted since 2012, from the provision of teachers to the needs of the students, is conducted by PT Insani Baraperkasa for the population free of charge.

2. The Building of Miscellaneous Premises

A Multipurpose Hall was constructed to give the community a place to meet. This is part of the Company’s commitment to interact more closely with the population. The premises consist of two buildings, each is located in Simpang Pasir, fully funded by the Company at Rp620,110,000 and in the village of Tani Bakti, funded 50% by the Company and 50% from the village budget.


3. The Building of Head of the Village’s Office

The Company also contributed to the Village Head’s office in Tani Bakti which was previously burnt down. To accelerate the building process, funding was generated from the village budget, participation from all companies operated surround the village, and community donation. From those 2 buildings, the local government of Tani Bakti village has allocated the funding in to 2 parts. The Company and community pooled together funds to construct the foundation and first floor, while the village budget was allocated to build the second floor.


4. School and Religious Premises Improvement

The Company also conducted several improvements for educational infrastructures and religious premises. Educational infrastructures include class refinement, teacher room building, school fences, school yard, and school toilets. In terms of religious premises, PT Insani Baraperkasa had built 1 (one) small mosque located in Simpang Pasir area, performed renovations on a mosque in Suka Damai village, constructed a house for a mosque caretaker, and also performed mosque renovation, painting and building an ablution spot. The Company also assisted the construction of a church altar and provided aid to several houses of worship around operational area.


5. Improvement and Building General facilities

The Company conducted improvement and building of several public facilities for residents so their live would be more comfortable in doing their activities, such as:

Hardening and repairing village road;
Repairing farming facilities;
Repairing bridges;
Construction of concrete bridge for two and four wheel vehicles;
Construction of drainage channels;
Hilling fields;
Hilling for road construction;
Repairing security posts;
Sport and youth infrastructures.

The Company through its subsidiary, PT Insani Baraperkasa provided funding in the amount of Rp276,865,000 for motor racing athletes from East Kalimantan in PON XVIII competition in Riau. Aside from that, the Company also provided assistance in soccer coaching to join the competition in municipal government and other sport events sponsored by the local, city, and provincial governments.


Economy Development 

The Company conducted several programs to aid economic development among village population, especially women and the youth, by conducting training programs such as:

Screen printing for youth;
Sewing for housewives;
Basic beauty make up for housewives;
Headscarf (Hijab) and clothing accessories making from recycle material;
Provision of cooking tools and food packaging for home industries (various chips such as banana chips, fish crackers and other cookies). 

Religious Aspect 

The Company also actively participates in religious activities by providing cattle for animal sacrifices and Lebaran packages for less fortunate people. Aside from that, the Company also supports religious activity by providing Islamic musical tools and megaphone for Qur’an reciting for MTQ purpose (MTQ is Qur’an reciting competition), the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Christmas, and New Year celebration.

Sociocult ural Activities

In terms of socio-cultural activities, the company participated in the anniversaries of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Bhayangkara, Indonesia, and the villages as a sponsor for local government or community celebrations. Activity funds or door prizes were supplied. The Company was also active in cultural activities such as Dayak Cultural Day in both 2012 and 2013.

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