Community Development

Early Education Building School

The Company is always committed to ensure the availability of learning process means and to provide a safe facility which enables the students to feel secured and concentrate on their studies. The local people are able to obtain free education, procurement of teachers in meeting the students’ needs in their learning process. Such commitment is realized in the form of Kindergarten/Early Education along with their facilities within the operation areas in 2011. Up to present, the management and financing of operational activities have been conducted by the Company’s subsidiary, PT Insani Baraperkasa.


Construction and Renovation of Religious Places and Schools

The Company contributes in terms of renovation of religious places such as mosque and church in the surrounding of mining operational areas, refinement of school facilities including terracing of school road entrance and its yard, renovation of classrooms, construction of teacher rooms and school fences, purchase of swing and play tools, and the making of student’s and teacher’s restrooms.


Public Facilities Construction and Renovation

In order to provide convenience for residents carrying out daily activities, the Company has made construction and renovation of several public amenities, such as:


1.       Widening of Wonomulyo road and Gelinggang road at Handil Bhakti Village;

2.       Hoarding and flattening of agriculture road at Purwajaya Village;

3.       Repairing of Public Meeting hall foundation at Sari Mulya, Purwajaya Village;

4.       Repairing of Public Meeting hall foundation at Bangun Sari, Purwajaya Village;

5.       Installation of electricity meter at Public Meeting Hall of Sari Mulya, Purwajaya Village;

6.       Construction of cemetery lodge at Beringin Jaya, Purwajaya Village;

7.       Cementing the Agung road at Bangun Sari, Purwajaya Village;

8.       Procurement of water sources through boreholes at RT 02 (Tani Bhakti Village), and RT 07, 08, 09 (Bangun Sari-Purwajaya Village).




Throughout 2018, the Company participated in various religious festivals such as donation of sacrificial animals at Eid Al- Adha and provision of Eid Al-Fitr packages for underprivileged residents on the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Reciting Quran competition event (MTQ) and Christmas

celebration. In addition, the Company also contributed audio equipment,rebana for Quran Reciting group, and donation of fard al-kifayah equipment at Purwajaya Village. The Company also developed and renovated facilities of religious places at Handil Bhakti, Purwajaya, and Loa Janan Ulu Villages.


Socio-Cultural Area

The Company actively involved in various activities in sociocultural held by the locals, regional government and institutions such as:

1.       The 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence at Tani Bhakti, Purwajaya Loa Janan Ulu, Loa Duri Ilir Villages, and Loa Janan Sub-District;

2.       Celebration of HSE Month of 2018 in East Kalimantan Province;

3.       Celebration of Security’s Anniversary 2018 at Kutai Kartanegara Regency and Samarinda levels;

4.       Celebration of Mobile Brigade’s Anniversary 2018 at Samarinda level;

5.       Donation of funds for ceremony and thanksgiving in order to celebrate the 72nd Bhayangkara’s Anniversary at Bontang Police Station;

6.       Development and performance of cultural art activities in order to celebrate the anniversary of Purwajaya and Desa Tani Bhakti villages;

7.       Assistance of ESDM Siaga for natural disaster victims in West Nusa Tenggara;

8.       Donation of nine essential commodities for earthquake and tsunami victims in Palu and Donggala.


 Responsibility for Customers

 The Company always strives to carry out a customer oriented business activity. This is important since the Company products are marketed not merely in the country, but also overseas such as China, Korea, India, Thailand, and many others. Responsibility for Customers is realized through a good control of coal quality carried out by employees every day with reference to a proper standard of coal product management.


Information about the Company’s products and services and complaints can be found by consumers and public through the Company’s website, or through email to and

Throughout 2018, there were no customer complaints addressed to the Company.



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