Environmental Rehab

The Company operates in full compliance to universal environmental management standards.

The Company implemented the requirements stated in Environment Law No.32/2009 regarding protection and environmental management. Therefore, every operational activity is always executed while considering clauses as stipulated in the Environmental Effect Analysis document, with conditions and parameters agreed to by the related institutions before starting activities. Every environmental program is monitored and evaluated to maintain the environment surrounding mining sites and minimalize the effects of mining activities. In an effort to restore mined-out sites to their original condition, the Company regularly performs replanting activities.

The environmentally related activities mentioned above are based on the Analysis on Environmental Effect document and external activities related to environmental reservation, which include:

    A. Environmentally Related Activity Based on Analysis of Environmental Effect and Environmental Reservation Plan are as follows:

    1. Environmental Management Practice, which is to reclaim and replant the field or mining area to return it to its original state and function. In 2013, total disturbed area was 321.07 Ha. The reclaimed area was 130.32 Ha and the replanted area was 52.99 Ha.

    2. Monitoring the quality of waste water, air quality, noise, and gas emission from machines were conducted in sampled locations designated in the Environmental Monitoring Plan. This activity has been conducted regularly every three months involving certified independent parties (Samarinda Environmental Board).

    B. Activities in External Environmental Activities

    A number of ways the Company has supported environmental preservation activities with external parties are, among others: 

    1. Tree planting in mining location through the KALTIM GREEN program initiated by the government of East Kalimantan Province with the motto of “One Man Five Trees”.

    2. Participated in tree planting in Earth Day. 

    3. Actively participate in commemorating Environment Day.

    4. Participating in Mining Anniversary by donating tree seeds and planting in several locations. 

    5. Actively participate and work together with other divisions (Comdev/CSR) to campaign for environmental preservation in areas surrounding the mining site and society in general.

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