Environmental Rehab

As a company which engaged in mining, the Company’s business activities directly reaches the environmental. Thus, the Company seeks to preserve the environmental and minimize the impact of mining activities by implementing good mining practices as well as to comply with prevailing rules and regulations.

During 2018, with reference to the parameter as stated in Analysis on Environmental Impacts (AMDAL) documents and Environmental Management and Monitoring (UKL/UPL), the Company conducted in monitoring and evaluation of each environmental management program, such as:

  1. Restoring land function to its original purpose through reclamation and revegetation of sites or mining areas. In 2018, the Company has reclaimed area of 19.79 hectares of which the revegetated area was 9.56 hectares of total impacted area of 83.66 hectares.
  2. Environmental monitoring of the quality of waste water, ambient air quality, noise and gas emission test on nonactive machinery. The Company conducted this activity on regular basis in every quarter at sampling location/point which has been determined stipulated in the UKL-UPL documents by working closely with certified independent party (BARISTAND of Samarinda City).

In addition, the Company also teamed up with external party to conduct activities relating to living environment, such as:

  1. Participated in tree-planting activities in World Day celebration
  2. Donated seeds and actively involved in National Living Environment Day.
  3. Participated in river normalization in the settlements near the mining areas.
  4. Installed flyers on the danger of ex-mined pond in public areas.



The Company uses recyclable environmental friendly material and energy as a part of the environment preservation efforts. In the future, the Company will continue to review the selection of material and energy usage in line with the Company’s condition.



In order to reduce the pollution effects, since 2009 PT Insani Baraperkasa has established six Hazardous Waste Disposal at several active mine areas. These sites have obtained licenses from local government, both from Kutai Kartanegara and Samarinda City Government. The waste will be then delivered to the collectors which have license from related agency.

To overcome the environmental problems that may disrupt the activities of local communities resulting from the Company’s production process activities, the Company allows the people to submit their complaints in writing with supporting documentation in advance to Rural Government and Supervisory Team which act as mediator. Furthermore, the rural institution will forward the complaints related to the impact arising from the Company’s operations to the Company’s representative. For the next step, there will be a meeting between the people and the Company’s representative in which the Rural Institution act as mediator. In this meeting, the Company will settle the problem or conduct the field direct inspection on affected locations for further negotiation of compensation.

In 2018, the Company allocated Rp8,480,034,271 to execute activities in order to preserve the environment, which Rp2,809,143,821 was realized.



On June 5, 2018, PT Insani Baraperkasa was awarded Certification of “Green” Performance Award in Environmental Management for the period 2017-2018 from Governor of East Kalimantan.


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