Monthly Operational Aid for Kindergarten/ Early Education Schools

In 2018, the Company contributed a variety of Operational Aids based on the needs of several schools within the Company’s areas of operation, as follows:

  1. Insani Cendekia Early Education (Simpang Pasir Village, Palaran Sub-District, Samarinda City);
  2. Early Education/Kindergarten in Jakarta;
  3. Early Education development at Kamal Muara Penjaringan, Jakarta;
  4. Pre-school, through Indonesian-Chinese Association (Jakarta);
  5. Coaching aid for improvement of Non-Formal Teachers’ resources (Quran Teachers at Tani Bhakti  Village);
  6. Coaching for Teachers of Religious Education of Children and Teenagers at Loa Janan Ulu Village (Qori and Khoriah);
  7. Coaching and training for teenagers at Purwajaya Village (Graphic Design training/course, basic training of machinery and workshop, driving training,   training to improve preacher and muezzin resources,  soccer and volley coaching);
  8. Coaching and training for teenagers at Purwajaya and Loa Janan Ulu Villages (soccer and volley  coaching);
  9. Scholarship for underprivileged students with good achievement for Elementary, Junior High School and High School levels at Tani Bhakti Village.

Competency Improvement Assistance for Community Officials

In order to improve competency of Community Officials of giving service excellence to the communities, the Company conducted several orientation activities, comparative study, and other training programs, such as:

  1. Training for Village Apparatus and activities of Association of Indonesian Village Officials (APDESI) at Tani Bhakti Village.
  2. Training and accompaniment on village financial system application at Purwajaya Village.