Community Health Service

The Company always strive to maintain and improve the community health within the mine areas by providing various health services relating to nutrition for children/toddlers, breastfeeding mothers and elderly as well as improving knowledge of paramedics and health cadres at Village.

The health contribution consists of the following:

  1. Medical aids for underprivileged residents in need of inpatient care at Purwajaya Village Hospital;
  2. Grass treatment aid to preserve environmental within Purwajaya Village;
  3. Enhancement of nutrition intakes of toddlers/provision of additional nutritious food for toddlers and elderly residents through Integrated Health Post at Tani Bhakti Village and Purwajaya Village;
  4. Service quality improvement within Integrated Health Post (facilities for Integrated Health Post     activities at Loa Janan Ulu Village and Purwajaya Village);
  5. Provision of clean water facilities at market of Tani Bhakti Village;
  6. Water installation of Regional Water Utility Company at Sari Mulya, Purwajaya Village;
  7. Provision of healthy latrine at Meeting Hall of Warga Tunggal, Purwajaya Village.


Provision of Ambulance and Hearse

In order to assist the village residents in case of emergency, the Company provides free service assistance in the form of ambulance and hearse to a public health center in Purwajaya Village and its surroundings.

Health Gallery