1. Public Health Service

The Company has provided community health service to ensure the maintenance of community health. One of the provisions was training in paramedic know-how and nutritional know-how for infants, mothers, and the elderly.

The activities in surrounding mining areas were:

  1. Clean water distribution to areas in need of potable water.
  2. Constructing reservoirs for clean water.
  3. Installation of secondary PDAM water pipes.
  4. Assistance in the form of medicine and health equipments.
  5. Operational aid for clinics for infants and elderly people.
  6. Additional food for toddlers and the elderly.
  7. Aid for mass circumcision.
  8. Mass medication.
  9. Subsidies for expectant mothers in need of financial assistance.
  10. Donations for medical fees to those in need of financial assistance.
  11. Supporting the Green, Clean, and Healthy program through environmental cleaning activity, management and incentive for areas which have the opportunity to compete in Green, Health, and Clean competition at the local and municipal levels.

2. Provision of Ambulance in the village

To assure the availability of emergency health services for the village people in emergency situations, the Company facilitates the village with an ambulance which can be used free of charge by the village population. This ambulance is in Public Health Centre in Purwajaya village and its surroundings.

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