KKGI is included in the Sharia Securities List category for a 1-year Period, as of June 1, 2015 based on the Decree of the Chief Executive of the Capital Market Supervisor a.n. Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority Number: KEP-33 / D.04 / 2015 and KEP-34 / D.04 / 2015
On June 15, 2015, the Company has received a letter from the Indonesia Financial Services Authority No. S.04/PM.12/2015 stipulating the company’s shares (KKGI) based on the study of the financial statement for the year of 2014. Commencing on June 1, 2015 as the Sharia Securities list for 1 (one) year period until the closing of the new DES. The shares that included in DES can be used as the stock portfolio for the Manager of Investment who manages the of Sharia mutual fund, Institutional Investor and Individual Investor who have a preference to invest in Sharia Securities .